Natural Grass

Werribee Landscaping Services will install buffalo, kikayu, or couch grass depending on the intended use of the area. Coarse grasses are best where children play, and finer grasses are best for ornamental lawns for their visual effects. A mix of grass or low plant types can be used to form a stronger lawn when one type does better in the warmer seasons and the other in the colder ones.

  • Feel alive and closer to nature
    Sometimes you just can’t beat the feeling of soft grass under your feet. Or of lying in the sun watching insects and bugs go about their business. Surround yourself with nature your own natural lawn.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Grass is easy to make and is biodegradable. Grass is the environment.
  • Stays cooler when the temperature outside is hot
    Natural grass is naturally cool in hot weather.
  • Repairs itself when damaged
    With proper care, grass will regrow worn areas and patch itself.
  • Several varieties
    We can put in buffalo, kikayu, couch and tiftuf. Ask us which type of grass is best suited to your planned usage and lawn area.

Werribee Landscaping Services

awesome service and workmanship. highly preferred and reasonable price

-- Krunal Bhatt

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